Best toaster ovens under $250

The toaster oven, being among the plethora of tools made available in the kitchen scene to make our cooking experience a little less daunting has become one of the most indispensable tools to have at your disposal.

And this is with good reason especially seeing as it has proven its worth by not only being versatile enough to accommodate all of our cooking escapades but also coming in various sizes to accommodate meals for a large enough number of guests as well as a sizeable meal for a small number of people.

In this product review, we are going to demystify all there is to know about toaster ovens including the various types of the best toaster ovens under $250 , available in the market and some of the popular brands that will be worth your while in terms of overall performance.

Best toaster ovens under $250 reviews

1. Breville BOV800XL Smart Toaster Oven

The Breville toaster oven is an auspicious smart oven that exudes stylishness and attractiveness in both its design and packaging.

Just but at a glance, you can tell that the Breville team put a lot of thought into making you feel that you have in your possession something that’s not only luxurious but also one that is top of the line in the market.

Among its strong points include the fact that it’s both energy efficient and versatile. It might just be the single aspect that has been missing in your kitchen area.

Breville toaster oven Features

It occupies about 18.5 by 16.2 by 11.2 inches of space on your counter space.

It consumes 1800 watts of power.

It has 9 preset functions.

It has an auto eject wire rack that helps prevent burns.

It has about 5 quart heating elements.

It has a 4/5 cubic foot nonstick interior.

It incorporates an element IQ technology into the design.

It has an easy to read back light that changes from blue to orange when one is cooking.

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  • It features an element IQ that provides smarter control over the heat and puts the power in the 5 heating elements where it’s most needed.
  • It has 9 preset functions that the user can adjust to their personal preference hence giving you the flexibility you need to control your presets.
  • It has an easy to read and use LCD screen that not only shows the user the cooking settings but also counts down the time in minutes.
  • The glass door has indicators printed on the front so as to tell you which of the 3 rack settings to use.
  • The door seals perfectly so as to reduce any energy wastage and the unneeded heating of your home.
  • It has rubber non-slip feet that keep it elevated so as not to damage the countertop just in case it's susceptible to heat damage.


  • It does not have an interior light hence making it quite hard to see the food as it cooks.
  • The electric cord is only 3 feet long which can be restricting.

Overall, the Breville toaster oven is a well-built oven that will not only give you high-quality design but also impeccably integrated features that will further contribute to making your cooking escapades a little more interesting.

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2. Cuisinart TOB-195 Exact Heat Toaster Oven

If you have had the pleasure of using any Cuisinart appliance, then you know full well that Cuisinart know how to turn it up in as far as coming up with a high-end type of appliance is concerned.

And although this model has a slightly different design to other units that most of us are probably accustomed to, its functioning and performance are definitely no different from the other units.


It has 6 preset functions.

It has electronic touchpad controls that help eliminate guesswork.

It comes with a shade control that features a heat sensor meant to maintain a certain oven temperature.

It occupies 18.5 by 16.93 by 10.04 inches of space on the countertop.

It features a polarized 2 prong plug.

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  • It provides the user with four versatile cooking options to choose from.


  • It doesn’t have an interior light to help see the interior of the unit.

Despite not having an interior light and a front crumb tray, the Cuisinart TOB-195 is still a pretty fantastic toaster oven.

It will do just fine and will come pretty handy in your kitchen.

3. Panasonic NB-G110P Flash Xpress Toaster Oven

Characterized by its perfectly compact design and small footprint on the counter top, the Panasonic toaster oven comes nothing short of an iconic and auspicious toaster oven that will be a handy addition in just about any kind of kitchen space.

With its super-fast cooking ability and its unique infrared heating system, you will no doubt have a blast having this appliance at your disposal.


It has it’s preset functions that help broaden the spectrum of what you can cook.

It has a petite design to fit any counter space.

It can fit up to 9 inches of pizza and 4 slices of bread.

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  • It cooks meals 40% faster than other toaster ovens.
  • The oven’s rack is hinged to the door to facilitate its automatic slide out when the door is opened.
  • It has a user-friendly interface that just about anyone can figure out with ease.


  • The bottom of the unit cooks food much faster that the top hence necessitating the user to keep on turning the food so that it cooks evenly.
  • The timer only goes up to 25 minutes which can be restricting especially if your meal requires more than the standard 25 minutes.

If you are looking for something that leaves a small footprint on your countertop yet cooks fairly swift, then the Panasonic NB-G110P is the best toaster oven for the job.

4. Oster Large Capacity Countertop 6 Slice Digital Convection Toaster Oven

Characterized by their remarkable durability and versatility, the Oster appliances come nothing short of being top of the line appliances in the market. And this is even more apparent when it comes to their toaster ovens.

Having been constructed with such finesse and precision so as to meet the needs of their users this large toaster oven will definitely be a great addition to your kitchen.


It features a removable crumb tray.

It has an interior lighting that facilitates easy viewing.

It has convection technology for faster cooking.

It comes with remarkably incredible digital controls.

It takes up 19.76 by 15.37 by 11.38 inches of space on the countertop.

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  • It features user-friendly controls that are easy and uncomplicated.
  • It is has a vast array of cooking functions hence giving you the luxury of choosing the food you fancy.
  • It has an interior light that helps you see exactly how your food is coming along without having to constantly open the door.
  • It features a crumb tray that helps you clean the oven with ease.


  • Unlike other convection toaster ovens, the Oster oven doesn’t beep to alert you that the oven is at temperature.
  • The clock tends to constantly speed up on its own.

The Oster toaster oven will no doubt be a valuable and convenient addition to your kitchen.

What’s more, you will have a blast making meals therein especially because it has a large enough interior to accommodate lots and lots of food at a go.

5. Hamilton Beach 22708 Toastation 2 Slice Toaster and Countertop Oven

Hamilton Beach has a number of strong contenders for the 2 slices compact toaster oven segment with one of the best being the Hamilton Beach Toastation toaster oven.

With the incorporation of functions of both a conventional type of toaster oven and a traditional oven, this petite appliance despite relatively small still manages to get the job done and done right for that matter.

Why not unclutter your counter with this ultimate 2-in-1 appliance that makes your mornings a little less hectic.

Hamilton Beach Toastation 2-Slice Toaster and Countertop Oven, Black (22708) Features

It has an extra wide top slot.

It has a mode selector that lets you switch between the oven and the toaster with ease.

It has a firm bread lifter that helps hold the bread firmly throughout the process.

It features a removable crumb tray that easily removed from the front.

It features an electronic toast shade that not only lets you select but also change toast shade each time.

It has temperature controls that help ensure consistency of results.

It has a large interior that fits two 16 inch pizza slices.

It occupies 16 by 8 by 9 inches of space on the counter.


  • Apart from having a slide out crumb tray that’s fairly easy to clean, it also has an oven rack and baking pan that are dishwasher safe hence further easing clean up.
  • It has a large enough interior to fit two 16 inch pizza slices just fine.
  • It features an on and off button that allows you to cancel the toasting mid cycle hence making it a tad easier to get the preferred darkness for your toast.


  • The oven operates without so much as a timer.

Being a household name in the kitchen scene Hamilton definitely does a remarkably amazing job designing home appliances and more so toaster ovens.

With its remarkably petite design and its versatile cooking options to choose from, you will no doubt find this toaster oven to be pretty handy in your kitchen.

6. Kitchen Aid KCO223CU 12-Inch Convection Countertop Oven

Kitchen Aid appliances have over time became widely known for not only being superior in terms of their overall performance but also because of their stylishly sleek design.

Whether you plan to use this appliance at a residential level or at a more commercial level, you will find it to be pretty helpful especially because it offers you the versatility required to help get the work done swiftly and conveniently.


It has a grounded 3 prong plug.

It heats up to temperatures of up to 450 degrees.

It features 2 stainless steel racks.

It comes with a 60-minute timer.

It has a nonstick interior to prevent food from sticking 5-quart the surface.

It occupies a space of 20.1 by 16.2 by 11.3 inches on the countertop.

It has a large interior that fits a 12-inch pizza comfortably.


  • The convection heating in this unit is the most consistent among all other ovens.
  • The shelves are well built to prevent them from tipping over when extended out.


  • It has a ticking sound that may be bothersome to some people.

There is absolutely nothing not to love about this handy toaster oven.

Between having a stylishly sleek appearance and having versatile cooking functions, there’s no doubt at all that this toaster oven holds up pretty well.

7. Delonghi DO400 Toaster Oven

Despite having a rather compact design, the Delonghi toaster oven has proved its worth by having four cooking functions to enjoy.

Whether you want to start off your morning with English muffins or bagels, you will have just the right snug fitting to cook with ease. What’s more, it can fit just about any counter space comfortably.


It consumes 1400 watts of power which is fairly reasonable.

It occupies 11.2 by 16 by 8 inches of space on the countertop.

It accommodates up to four slices of bread.

It has 4 cooking functions.

It features an automatic shut off that allows you to choose your preferred settings ranging from light to dark.

It has a drop down crumb tray that disposes of crumbs.


  • It has digital controls that allow the user precision in cooking and much more control over how the food cooks.
  • There’s a countdown timer that clearly visible when one is cooking food.
  • It features a temperature button which when pressed allows the user to check the temperature at any time.


  • It has a very loud alert system.
  • The crumb tray is only accessible from the bottom hence necessitating the user to physically lift the toaster so as to access it.
  • The glass door is tinted so it’s pretty difficult to see the food as it cooks.

From baking, toasting, broiling and warming food there isn’t a doubt in the world that this toaster oven will allure to your every sense.

8. Black Decker TO1303SB 4 Slice Toaster Oven

The Black Decker toaster oven, being among the most reputable toaster ovens in the market exudes the power, versatility, and alluring design that users seek when considering the kind of toaster oven to go for.

No products found.

This straightforward and easy to use 3 knob toaster oven blends just fine with just about any type of kitchen space because of its uniquely attractive design and features.


It takes up 10 by 15.5 by 8.4 inches of space your countertop.

It features four functions including baking, broiling, toasting, and warming.

It has a 30-minute timer.

It features a removable crumb tray that is tasked with keeping the toaster oven clean.

It consumes 1200 watts of power.

It accommodates up to 9 inches of pizza and 4 slices of bread.


  • It comes with a grounded 3 prong plug and a short electrical cord that helps enhance the safety of the user.
  • It has four cooking functions that perform their functions rather impeccably.


  • The toaster tends to get a little too hot at the top and hence damages anything that is placed on top of it.
  • The rack doesn’t slide out automatically when you open the door.

Though not the cream de la cream toaster oven in the market, the Black Decker toaster oven gets the job done all the same and satisfies the user’s expectations as should.

We can definitely vouch for it in as far as performance and functionality are concerned.

9. Faberware 4 Slice Toaster Oven

The versatile Faberware 4 slice toaster oven lets you toast, bake and broil just about any type of food that you fancy.

Apart from being pretty good in terms of overall [performance, it also happens to be stylishly sleek to capture the eye.


It features a 30-minute stay on timer with a bell ring.

It takes up 7 by 14 by 5 inches of space on the countertop.

 It has 3 cooking functions


  • It has a large enough interior to accommodate a 9-inch pizza.


  • The bottom of the toast tends to get burned if you wait for the top to brown.

Though not as strong as a brand like all the other brands, Faberware has gained a name for itself for being a reliable and efficient toaster oven over time.

And while agreeably it does have some things that are still amiss, it does the job pretty okay.

Types of Toaster Ovens

Before ultimately deciding on a certain type of toaster oven, you need to be absolutely sure that it will suit your needs to the fullest. Below is an overview of the available types of toaster ovens that will help you make a more informed decision.

1. Standard Toaster Oven

The standard toaster models have the capability of toasting about 2 to 4 slices of bread with the larger units handling even up to 6 slices of bread.

They have among many things variable darkness settings, an automatic ejection tray that opens the oven when the toast is done, a thermostat control that controls its temperature and digital controls that allow the user to choose different cooking functions depending on their preference.

2. Convection Toaster Oven

The convection toaster oven model makes use of a fan to blow heated air over the food. This technique comes in very handy in a number of aspects including the fact that it prevents oven hot spots which cause food to cook unevenly as well as cooks the food much faster. They are basically used to warm up, brown or toast a variety of different meals.

3. Infrared Toaster Oven

The infrared models function a little differently than other models in that they heat the food directly rather than heating the air around the food. Consequently, food cooks about 50 % percent faster than when one is cooking using the other models.

4. Rotisserie Toaster Oven

Highly hailed for its flavorful results, the rotisserie model happens to be a high-end model that prides itself in being overly resourceful owing to its many special features and remarkably amazing design. If you wish to cook meat, the rotisserie toaster ovens top specialty is just that.

5. Combination Toaster Oven

Simply put this is a standard model with a pop-up toaster at the top. It typically holds between 4 to 6 slices of bread comfortably and performs basically all other functions performed by a normal oven.

Factors to Consider when Buying a Toaster Oven

For you to choose an apt toaster oven that will serve your needs to your fulfillment there are certain factors you need to put into consideration. Here are a few tips that will help you purchase one that will definitely be worth your while.

1. Type of toaster oven

When purchasing a toaster oven you need to be very clear about the type of toaster oven you wish to purchase. This is because the type often determines to a large extent whether your vast array of cooking escapades will be limited or extended further. For instance, whereas the rotisserie happens to be remarkably good for purposes of cooking meat the convection model tends to excel more in cooking something a little bit different.

2. The size of the toaster oven

When deciding upon which size to buy there are two aspects to consider.

What you will be cooking therein.

The amount of space available on your counter.

Depending on the amount of space that’s available on your counter and the number of people you anticipate to be cooking for you can either decide to go for a toaster oven that’s much smaller or one that magnanimously huge.

3. The price of the toaster oven

In purchasing any sort of appliance, the amount of money you have to part with often impacts the purchase decision that you ultimately make. In light of this, it is important for you to have a clear cut budget with different price ranges in mind before you go out in search of a suitable toaster oven.

4. The types of accessories that come with the toaster oven

Just like a traditional oven, the toaster oven also comes with special racks, pans, and trays to facilitate a better experience when cooking. If one accessory is absent, there is a chance that your cooking escapades might be compromised in one way or another. It is there very important to check the kinds of accessories that come with the toaster oven that you want to buy and do your due diligence to determine whether they will suffice for the kind of cooking you plan to do.

5. The toaster ovens overall aesthetic appearance

The choice of appliance that we decide to add to our kitchen counters makes a great deal of difference in as far as the interior aesthetic appearance is concerned. It is for that reasons that most people go for more sophisticated looks and designs that have a stylishly sleek appeal. Something that’s, in essence, a work f art in itself so as to avoid glooming up the room even more.

Benefits of a Toaster Oven

It provides a large enough cooking surface to facilitate cooking of large batches of food simultaneously.

It pre heats much faster than other modes of cooking.

It uses minimal energy to get your food cooked.

It takes the hustle of having to bend down to check on food off your shoulders.

It is easy to clean and maintain.

Its heat is evenly distributed to allow food to cook evenly.

It saves the user the trouble of having to wash a myriad of pans since it provides a big enough space to cook all the meals you want simultaneously.

Determining the best toaster oven, just as with other appliances requires you to have done extensive due diligence before swimming into the deep sea blindly.

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And much as this may seem like an easy task, it may sometimes take you a considerable amount of time to come up with something worth every single penny.

Nonetheless, we hope that these best toaster ovens under $250 reviews will in the very least help you steer clear of the poor products in the market and towards world class products that will be helpful to you.

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