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Disney kitchen appliances

Walt Disney deserves a standing ovation from all of us. We have fresh memories of these animated movies that we enjoy and can relate to even as grown-ups.  

We are all guilty of watching animated movies and actually enjoying them despite the stigma that they are designed for kids; we enjoyed them then, and we still enjoy them now. So kudos Walt Disney for keeping the good work!

Disney no doubt knows its audience well; their films are so family friendly and are based on real life problems that everyone can reflect upon. People therefore see value in watching these movies and thus keeps the fire going over the years.

We shall therefore go down memory lane with the top  Walt Disney movies of all times and Disney kitchen items for both adults and kids.

  • Tangled

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    By the hand of Walt Disney Animation Studios, Tangled is a fantasy-comedy movie of 2010 that took six years to be developed; it is, in fact, the most expensive animated film ever made, with an estimated cost of $260 million. However, due to its success and popularity was nominated for many awards and, it has to be mentioned that earned $591 million.

    The story starts when a drop of the sun falls on the planet and turns into a golden flower with magic powers, actually rejuvenation and healing powers. Gothel, an old witch found it and kept it for herself in order to rejuvenate from time to time, a process that will give her eternal life.

    The queen of that kingdom was pregnant and very sick as well, is for that reason the soldiers and army of the kingdom, due to the rumors of a magic flower, started looking for it. Gothel kept the flower hidden for many time but one day the flower got exposed and the soldiers took it.

    Finally, with the flower consumed by the queen, she gets healed and the princess Rapunzel was born with a magical golden hair. When Gothel attended to cut Rapunzel´s hair she saw that it turned brown at lost its magical powers, the reason why she ends up abducting Rapunzel and taking her to a high tower hidden in the woods.

    Kept in the tower for 18 years and with an extremely long golden hair, the story narrates the adventures of Rapunzel and the thief Flynn Rider to get back to the kingdom where Rapunzel belongs and to destroy the bad witch Gothel.

    Along with Flynn Rider and Rapunzel two funny and lovely companions join them, which are Maximus (the white horse) and Pascal the chameleon which is Rapunzel’s pet.

    Flynn Rider, despite being a thief, he puts his desires aside and decides to help Rapunzel. Rapunzel despite having a great magic she was a humble and good person.

    The witch Gothel represents the greed of human beings, a problem that is affecting us nowadays as well as the desire of power. With this movie, Walt Disney shows again that the good always defeat the bad and that good actions have good results.

    As an example is Flynn Rider who was pursued by the kingdom and after all the good things he did with Rapunzel, he was forgiven by the kingdom as well as ended up being a great friend of Rapunzel.

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  • Peter Pan

  • This movie has been present in many childhoods around the world; the fantasy-adventure movie was released in the year 1953 for Walt Disney. It has had a great reputation over the years where many attractions, video games, franchises, etc. have been created with the theme of the movie.

    Despite Peter Pan is the protagonist of the movie; currently the most merchandised image is Tinkerbell, which is the fairy that companions Peter Pan in his adventures.

    The movie narrates the story of Wendy (the protagonist) who tells her little brothers John and Michael the tales of her adventures with Peter Pan. They are really excited with the tales of Wendy but their father is a little bit upset with Wendy.

    Is for that reason her father puts Wendy in a separated room alone so that her brothers stop living her fantasy and grows up in a normal way like any other kid. Thinking that it is just dreams, one night Peter Pan goes to the room of the kids looking for his shadow, where he accidentally wakes Wendy up.

    When Peter Pan find out that Wendy´s father wanted her to grow up, he offers her to go to Never Land (the place where he lives) with John and Michael. Once they accept, Tinkerbell puts magic powder on the brothers to make them fly.

    During the movie, the adventures of Peter Pan begins with the goal of defeating the Captain Hook (the villain) which hates Peter Pan because he made him lose his hand where is now located a hook. Tinkerbell also develops jealous over Wendy because she was the only companion of Peter before Wendy showed up.

    Is Tinkerbell, in fact, that regarding her bad feelings and envy puts into a bad situation to Peter Pan, Wendy, John, Michael, and the lost kids. This movie teaches the consequences that bring feeling envy and jealous over someone, is a bad thing that nobody should ever feel.

    At the end, Wendy and her brother go back to London where they belong with their family. When the father arrives at the house they tell him the stories of their adventures.

    Despite being a great movie with a great teaching, it also shows some racism against Native Americans, a critic that many people complained. In a part of the movie, there are some native kids who are seen as savages and not civilized. In fact, Captain Hook refers to them as red skins.

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  • The Jungle Book 

  • The jungle book is an animated movie of 1967; in fact, it was the last movie to be produced by Walt Disney who dies during its production. It cost $4 million to be produced and generated an estimated profit of $205.8 million; the movie has a sequel “The jungle book 2” released in 2003.

    A live-action adaption was also released in 2016. The movie, in general, had a great reputation and acceptance among people and fans. It was inspired by the book of the same name created by Rudyard Kipling in 1894.

    The plot tells the story of Mowgli, and orphan child found by a black panther called Bagheera in a basket in the jungles of India. Bagheera took Mowgli to a herd of wolfs in order for him to be raised and secured, once Mowgli turns 10-years-old it comes to the wolf tribe the rumor that a man-eating Bengal Tiger arrived at the jungle.

    Shere Khan (the Bengal Tiger), heard the rumor of a human-fid living in the jungle. Is for that reason Bagheera went after Mowgli in order to take him to the humans where he belongs. In their way, a python tries to eat Mowgli and after some other events, Bagheera finally lets Mowgli on his own.

    In the way, Mowgli meets the bear Baloo which adopted him and becomes his best friend. Baloo also taught him many techniques and jungle advises in order for Mowgli to defend himself in the jungle.

    Baloo promised to Mowgli that he will never let him go and they will always be together no matter what happen. However, Mowgli was abducted by monkeys.

    The orangutan chief of the monkeys told Mowgli to teach them the technique humans used to make fire, a technique that he didn’t know. After long pursues Shere Khan finally finds Mowgli and after a long fight it burns his tail with fire and runs away.

    Being the jungle not a safe place because Shere Khan was still there, Baloo breaks his promise of staying forever with Mowgli and, with Bagheera; they take Mowgli to a human village.

    Mowgli was a little bit upset at first but when they got to the village he sees a girl of his age and follows her to the village.

    The movie teaches the importance of friendship and the great things that can come out of it; Mowgli was different from the animals, although, they received him as another member.

  • Tarzan

  • Tarzan is an animated adventure film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation in 1999. It is based on the Tarzan of the Apes (a novel written by Edgar Rice Burroughs in 1912). By the time it was released, was the most expensive animated movie ever made, with a budget of $130 million.

    The film earned a total of $448.2 million in the world and due to its fame; Tarzan had a television series called The Legend of Tarzan. The critics and acceptation of Tarzan have been positive and, by now is a movie that had marked many childhoods.

    The plot is about the life of Tarzan, an orphan kid of two scientists who were on a trip to Africa to study different species like gorillas, elephants, etc. His parents were killed by “Sabor” an African Leopard in their tent, being Tarzan the only survivor.

    Kala which is a female gorilla heard Tarzan crying and went to the tent in order to rescue him. Kala also lost a baby because of Sabor, when she took it they went to the jungle and she started raising Tarzan as her own son.

    When growing up, Tarzan becomes friend with many animals, especially the elephant Tantor and Terk which was a female gorilla. Despite Tarzan had a great acceptance, Kerchak the chief of the gorillas didn’t like him too much.

    Suddenly a team of human explorers from England went to the jungle where the professor Porter and his daughter Jane were there to study the gorillas and Clayton (the evil hunter) was there to take all the gorillas back to England.

    When Tarzan discovers that the explorers were similar to him, he starts to interact and spend too much time with them. A situation that didn’t like at all to Kerchak.

    Tarzan trusted in the explores and took them to the tribe of gorillas, the professor and Jane were surprised but Clayton betrayed them and started hunting every gorilla with a team of hunters. Once on the ship to England, Tarzan regrets what he died and the harm he caused to his family.

    When they got free, Tarzan defeats Clayton, and both the professor and Jane stayed in the jungle with Tarzan and the family of gorillas.

    The greed and ambition on the humans are negatively affecting the life on many species and animals, a situation that we are living today and if we don’t take actions, it could end up being irreversible.

  • Pocahontas 

  • Pocahontas is an animated epic musical romantic drama film produced in 1995 by Walt Disney Feature Animation. The film gross was $346 million and only cost $55 million to be made and had good critics regarding music and animation.

    However, the story and historical inaccuracy of the movie were negatively criticized. The reason to this is that the real story is that English people came and took Native Americans lands as well as resources.

    This great movie won a lot of different awards, among them; they won two Academic Awards for best original song, and best musical or comedy score

    The principal topic in the film is how the love and war combine into one. Being the first focus the life of Native Americans, their tribes, culture, and religion. And the plot goes around the fight between English people and Natives because they wanted to colonize their lands.

    Nevertheless, the differences between the two cultures are reduced due to the love that John Smith (the captain of the English) feels for Pocahontas. Showing that both cultures can reach a consensus and peace between them.

    In the movie, Pocahontas is submissive even though she is considered as a free soul, reason why the tribe blames her for all the things they are going through due to her relationship with the captain John Smith. The Natives believes that Pocahontas is breaking the rules and norms of the tribe.

    Being said that the reason why the movie had negative critics regarding the story is because in the movie it is not showed all the damage and pain English brought to Native Americans. Bringing illnesses and death, destroying their religion, their people, and even their economy.

    In this version of the movie, the real event didn’t happen which was the colonization of the Native Americans and all the negative things this brought to the culture. In fact, it only shows that with the relationship of John Smith and Pocahontas the love is, at the end, the only winner.

    Despite all the modifications of what really happened, Pocahontas is a great movie with a lot of teaching. It shows the value of love and importance and that it doesn’t matter your status, your culture, religion, etc. If the love is pure you can do everything.

    It is also a good way to show history to small kids, putting away all the wars and suffering that really occurred in the past.

  • Mulan

  • Mulan is an animated musical action-comedy film with a Little bit of drama to it, produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation in 1998, and is based on the Chinese legend of Hua Mulan. The movie has a sequel “Mulan II” released in 2003.

    The budget for the movie was $90 million and it generated a gross of $304 million. It was also nominated for an Academic Award and a Golden Globe. A live-adaption remake is going to be released at the end of 2018.

    The plot tells the adventures of Mulan, a young girl from a traditional Chinese family who volunteer to go to the war with the Chinese empire against the Huns that were invading China. Mulan´s father was a veteran of war and too old for another war.

    Mulan wasn’t that good for women tasks and duties; she was different from the majority of Chinese women. When the army went for his father she got really sad because chances were her old father could die in the war, is for that reason without saying a word she left in the next morning with her horse and her father´s sword and armor.

    In those ages, it was a dishonor for women takes or makes responsible of men tasks. On her way to the recruitment area, her ancestors woke up and were deciding who was going to protect Mulan from such dangers.

    After a funny discuss, the ancestors got to agree that the protector of Mulan should be the strongest and powerful of them all that was the “Great Stone Dragon”. It was then Mushu´s (the small red dragon) the responsible to wake him up.

    After many attempts, the great dragon didn’t wake up, so Mushu took his head a played to be the great dragon and left the house to go where Mulan was in order to protect her.

    During the war and fights, Mulan is exposed and despite what she did, the captain Li Shang forgave her life. However, Mulan didn’t give up and went to the emperor´s city to finally defeat the Huns ‘army. At the end, Mulan becomes the girlfriend of Li Shang.

    This movie has a great meaning and is also educational because is actually based on a Chinese legend. It shows the power of love and will, being Mulan the only girl of the Chinese army and, after all, she ended up being the hero as well.


    Hercules is an animated musical fantasy comedy film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation in 1997 and released by Walt Disney Pictures. The movie is slightly based on the legend of Heracles which in the Roman mythology was called Hercules. Despite the Roman name, the film is created as the Greek mythology.

    The movie cost $85 million to be made and generated a gross profit of $252.7 million. The popularity of Hercules reached the television where a series called Hercules: The Animated Series was played in Disney channel.

    The plot tells the story of Hercules, the demigod that was abducted from the Olympus by his uncle Hades and turned into a mortal with a poisoned beverage. The fact of being mortal doesn’t let him go back to the Olympus because immortality is the requirement to live there.

    However, Hercules had a normal life with his adopting parents and he grew up without knowing he was a demigod. Nevertheless, during his childhood and adolescence, his superhuman strength made him doubt about who he really was.

    After some events, one night his adopting parents told him the truth, that they took him and that he was carrying a god´s necklace. The next morning Hercules decides to leave and search for his real father.

    When he finally meets Zeus (his real father) he explains that the only way to return where he belongs is by becoming a hero to get back to immortality. Being said that, Zeus gives Pegasus (the winged horse) to Hercules in order to find Philoctetes (the satyr that will train him).

    After a long training, Hercules starts his duty as a hero saving many people, where he meets Megara, the girl he falls in love with. At the beginning, she was an ally of Hades but when she fell in love with Hercules wanted to betray Hades.

    This situation almost cost her life and Hercules´s, making her a prisoner in order to get Hercules, an action that putted in danger all gods and the Olympus itself. After a long battle, Hercules finally ends up the war, rescued Megara and became a god.

    Despite everything he did to get back the god status, he decided to become human and live with the mortals, the place where he always belonged.

    Again, Disney puts the power of love over everything else, as well as the value of friendship and sacrifice. All that Hercules had to go through to end up being just where he started. 

  • Finding Nemo 

  • Finding Nemo is a computer-animated film that has comedy and drama but, most importantly, a great teaching and values. The movie was produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures in 2003.

    The film was a boom back in the day which cost $94 million to be made but earned an amount of $940.3 million in gross making it the highest-grossing animated film of that time, ten times what it cost. It also won an Academic Award for the best-animated feature and nominated in three more categories.

    The sequel, Finding Dory was a complete success as well, a movie that was really expected among fans and viewers.

    It all starts when a couple of clownfish (Marlin and Coral) move to a new place in the sea and a barracuda arrives at their place eating Coral and every clownfish egg available except one (Nemo). Marlin raised Nemo by himself, overprotecting him due to the trauma he lived in the past.

    Nemo had uneven fins, reason why Marlin his father was so protective and didn’t let Nemo do many things other kids was allowed to do. One day in the school Nemo wanted to show everyone his courage and decided to touch a boat of divers who were there fishing exotic fishes.

    When Nemo reveals himself in front of school friends and his father and touches the boat, the divers captured him, taking it to the city where is storage in a dentist´s fishbowl.

    Marlin sad and concerned about his son´s abduction takes the courage to travel the ocean in order to get his son back at home where he belongs. In his journey, he meets good friends as well as faced dangers.

    His companion is the adorable Dory a regal blue tang with a memory loss issue that follows him during the journey. After a long trip and dangerous experiences, Marlin and Dory finally find Nemo and get back to Great Barrier Reef where they belong.

    This film is absolutely beautiful, it shows the love of a single father that despite having fears and problems overcome them in order to save his only child. It also shows the importance and values of friendship where Dory despite her problems becomes a great friend.

    Besides, is a great teaching for both parents and sons, where a parent don’t have to underestimate his son, and the kid always have to follow their parent´s indications because at the end is all for their own safety.

  • Toy Story 

  • Toy Story is considered by many producers and among people, one of the best-animated films ever made. Is a computer-animated movie produced by Pixar Animation Studios in 1995 and released by Walt Disney Pictures. The film cost $30 million and earned a gross of $373.6 million worldwide.

    The movie was nominated for three Academic Awards, including best original screenplay, best original song, and the third one a Special Achievement Academic Award that ended up winning. The sequels Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3 are also really popular and, for 2019, a new sequel will come (Toy Story 4).

    The technology used for the film was advanced by that time and it was really challenging to make. However, a great movie came out at the end being so popular everywhere in the world.

    The plot is about the life of Woody (Andy´s favorite toy and leader among all his toys) and his adventures with Buzz who in a birthday of Andy was the present from his mom, making him the new favorite toy of Andy.

    Being Woody the preferred toy of Andy for years, when Buzz arrives things changed, Woody no longer was the preferred a situation that made him jealous and envious of Buzz. Is for that reason he makes a plan to get rid of Buzz and become again the favorite one.

    Once he gets rid of Buzz the blame and shame get to Woody, making him go after Buzz to get it back to home. In the way, they both got captured by the evil neighbor Sid who planned to launch Buzz with a firework. 

    In Sid´s house, Woody thinks about what he did and with the help of Sid´s toys he makes a plan to save Buzz from the evil plan. After a long plan and procedures, they both set free and go after Andy who was in the car heading to his new house.

    At the end, they made it and reach Andy´s car and everything goes back to normal. The other toys of Andy understand the situation and accept Woody back to the family.

    Buzz and Woody after being enemies, they end up being best friends and look after each other and every Andy´s toy. The movie shows that enemies can become friends and the importance of friendship.

    And that the bad feelings such as jealousy, envy, rage, etc. is really bad for people and end up being negative for anybody. The values of forgiveness are also really important to mention where Buzz forgave Woody and the toy members forgave Woody.

  • Monsters, Inc.

  • Monsters, Inc. is a computer-animated comedy movie produced in 2001 by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. The film started to be made in 1996 but was in 2001 when they finally released.

    Despite being a great movie with a lot of acceptance and good critics, it wasn’t nominated for any Academic Award. The film cost $115 million to be made and generated a gross of $577.4 million. After 12 years the prequel Monsters University was released that was the story of Sully and Mike Wazawski in their young ages.

    The plot is about this two silly monsters Sully and Mike Wazawski and their daily life in Monstropolis, the place where they reside and work. In his world, the prime source of energy is the screaming of little human kids.

    Sully and Mike are partners in the company they work for (Monsters, Inc.) where Sully is the best “scarer” and most popular worker regarding kid screaming and Mike his loyal and fun assistant.

    The work consists in bringing kid´s closet doors from all over the world to scare them and contain the energy produced by their screams in a container. One day the envious and jealous work mate Randall Boggs a chameleon monster set a trap in the workplace.

    He left a closet door on purpose to make Sully go after it when he enters the little girl goes out (in a place where kids are seeing as toxic and deadly) Sully and Mike get on an adventure to return the girl to the human world and save the company.

    The owner of the company Waternoose was an accomplice of Randall and they wanted to abduct kids in order to make them “energy source slaves”. At the end, Sully and Mike can return the girl and tell the world the bad plans of Waternoose and Randall.

    The factory was shut down for a while and after all the problems that occurred, it opened again but with a change in the way to work. It turns out that Mike and Sully find out that the laugh of kids generated more energy than their scream.

    Is for that reason Sully and Mike changed places, being Sully the assistant and Mike the “joker”. The company now was a more funny and silly place to work.

    Friendship is again what overcomes any problem, the greed and ambitions of somebody can end up harming them and others. Mike and Sully are the best representation of friendship where they went through bad times and good.

  • The Incredibles 

  • This “incredible” computer-animated superhero film was so popular and had so many acceptances among fans that won the Annie Award for the best-animated feature and two Academic Awards. The Incredibles was directed by Brad Bird, produced by Pixar Animation Studios, and finally released by Walt Disney Pictures in 2004.

    It was also a really lucrative film, it cost $92 but the gross was $633 million, which made it one of the movies with higher grossing. Since its release, a sequel it’s been asked for fans of the film is for that reason that finally after so many years a sequel is coming on June 15, 2018.

    It all starts in a city full of superheroes called “supers” where due to their fight, battles, and superheroes activities the collateral damage of the city was notorious. Is for that reason the government decided to prohibit any activity.

    With this new rule, the superheroes had to change their life and live like a normal citizen, with normal jobs, etc. The Incredible family composed by Bob (Mr. Incredible), Helen Parr (Elastigirl), Violet, Dash, and the baby Jack-Jack are the protagonist of this story as well as the saviors of the city.

    Syndrome (who didn’t have any power) is the villain of all superheroes who as a child was a big fan of Mr. Incredible and in one opportunity tried to join him in order to do a mission. This villain was really smart as a kid and due to the rejection of Mr. Incredible; he grew up with hate and envy against all superheroes.

    Bob was offered a new job that would make him go back to his years of glory. At first, he was secret with this new job and nobody in his family knew it, when Elastigirl finds out, she starts to spy on him.

    With the pass of time, Mr. Incredible finds out that everything was a trap and that his new job was meant to kill him as well as it did with many other superheroes. Syndrome was trying to kill every superhero so he could be the only one in the city.

    This movie has a good teaching, the value of family and the fact that you don’t have to lie to your own because as the end they are all you got. The envy of Syndrome against superheroes is also we see nowadays, you have to be happy with the things you have and respect others.

  • Lilo & Stitch 

  • Lilo & Stitch is an animated science fiction comedy-drama film released in 2002 by Walt Disney Pictures and produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation. Its popularity has made this movie an icon and a recognizable brand all over the world.

    By the time was nominated for an Academic Award as the best-animated feature, the movie cost $80 million and earned $273.1 million. Many TV series and video games have been made and its popularity just like the movie has been great.

    The story begins in a galaxy far away from Earth where Dr. Jumba Jookiba was arrested for illegally making genetic experimentations, his most dangerous and chaotic creation was the experiment 626 (Stitch) who got on a ship and activated the hyper speed in order to run away from the planet.

    Stitch accidentally lands in the earth, specifically in Hawaii. Where a truck knocked unconscious, when he woke up, he was in an animal shelter. On the other hand, Lilo is a little girl with no friends that always wanted a pet.

    Nani, her older sister and the one who takes care of her, decided to take it to the animal shelter in order to adopt a pet. Once there, Lilo after looking all pets available decided to adopt the rarest of them all who was Stitch (the name given by her).

    Dr. Jumba Jookiba and the Agent Pleakley were commanded to find experiment 626 and bring it back to his planet where it belongs because he was “genetically” created to destroy and generate chaos. At the beginning, Lilo and Stitch didn’t get along too well but with the time the created a bond and a great relationship.

    When this two finally found Stitch, they try to get a normal human life in order to capture him. After many attempts, they get Stitch and prepared the ship to go back to their planet. Lilo really upset showed them the adoption paper that says Stitch was actually hers.

  • 101 Dalmatians 

  • 101 Dalmatians is a live-action comedy film released in 1996 by Walt Disney Pictures and based on the novel “The Hundred and One Dalmatians”. This movie was a total success and many video games and TV series were released as well and had a lot of popularity too.

    The movie cost $75 million to be made and had a gross of $320.6 million; a sequel was released in the year 2000. However, this sequel 102 Dalmatians has a lot of negative reviews and critics but despite that, it also was a total success costing $85 million against a gross of $183.6 million.

    The story is about Roger Dearly which is a video game developer who has a pet Dalmatian called Pongo. One day, during a walking, Pongo puts his attention on a female Dalmatian (Perdy) which owner was Anita Campbell-Green.

    When Roger meets Anita and Pongo meets Perdy, they all four falls in love making a beautiful “double couple”, and Roger proposes marriage to her. Anita works as a fashion designer with her employer and villain of this story Cruella de Vil.

    Cruella de Vil was obsessed with fur and wanted to create garments with real skins. Her passion for the white and black make her put her eyes on Anita´s Dalmatian, fantasying on a dress made of the actual animal.

    Perdy got pregnant by Pongo and had a surprising litter of 101 baby Dalmatians. When Cruella de Vil found out that Anita´s dog had 101 Dalmatians she offered £7,500 for the dogs but she refused. Because of that, Cruella dismissed Anita and hired two dumb thieves (Jasper and Horace) to revenge and steal the dogs.

    Jasper and Horace broke into Anita´s and Roger´s house and stole the 101 Dalmatians to be placed on a farm where Cruella planned to kill them and finally make the dress she always wanted.

    These clever Dalmatians knew how to fool Jasper, Horace, and Cruella ruining their plans and making them go to jail. At the end, these little Dalmatians went back to their families and grew up happy.

    It is beautiful how this movie teaches the values of family and friendship, the way Roger and Anita got married and, Pongo and Perdy got together too is inspiring. Cruella de Vil´s ambition and greed took her to the extreme making her commit many mistakes.

    This teaches us that any obsession is bad, there always have to be a balance for everything you do and like.    

    The councilwoman after many considerations decides to let Stitch stays on the Earth with Lilo but not only that, Dr. Jumba and Pleakley also decided to stay on earth, they really liked the Hawaiian lifestyle and became part of the family.

    The film despite being really funny, it shows the values of family and friendship, it also shows that no matter how bad people think someone is

  • The Emperor's New Groove

  • The Emperor´s New Groove is an animated comedy film created in the year 2000 by Walt Disney Feature Animation. This film was really difficult to be made, it took over six years and due to the silly personality of Kuzco (the emperor) a TV series was created as well as a video game.

    However, despite its popularity and franchise, the movie itself wasn’t a total success; it actually cost $100 million and just had a gross of $169.3 million. This makes it in one of the Walt Disney Movies with the shorter gross.

    The story is about the life of Kuzco and Inca emperor who was selfish, arrogant, narcissist and rude that wanted to create a lavish summer home on the hilltop where the family of Pacha lived in. Kuzco made clear that no matter what he was going to demolish his house to create “Kuzcotopia”.   

    Kuzco´s advisor and magician Yzma got fired by Kuzco. Yzma mad for this situation decided to take revenge and poison Kuzco, with the help of her dumb henchman Kronk, she gives him a potion to kill Kuzco.

    On his way, Kronk took the wrong potion and instead gave him a potion that turned Kuzco into a llama. Yzma ordered Kronk to take Kuzco´s “corpse” and throw it somewhere far from the village.

    Nevertheless, the good heart of Kronk makes him help Kuzco instead of throwing it. When Kuzco got free he started to run to the jungle where some Jaguars started to chase him. Pacha was near the area and helped Kuzco to escape.

    They both did and agreement, if Pacha helped Kuzco to return to the palace and get rid of Yzma he wouldn’t destroy Pasha´s house to build Kuzcotopia.

    At the end, after a lot a experiences and funny adventures, they made it to the palace where they had to face Yzma who turned into a little funny cat. Kuzco finally took his human form and Pacha got his house back, they both became really good friends.

    Kuzco was a really selfish and arrogant person when he met Pacha and went through difficult and challenging experiences he understood how lucky he was and he started to appreciate the things. Like the popular saying “nobody knows what they have until they lose it” that was just what happened to Kuzco.

    The importance of true friendship was also really meaning full to Kuzco and determinant to get back his palace, you always have a good side in you.

  • Chicken Little

  • Chicken Little is a 3D animated science fiction film released and produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation in the year 2005. Based on a fable with the same name, the movie has a great popularity around the world, especially for its soundtracks.

    The movie cost $150 million and earned a worldwide gross of $314.4 million, a video game was released in 2005 as well and the production company planned to make a sequel which at the end was canceled.

    The story is about Chicken Little a small “chicken” who live in a town called Oakey Oaks, one day he ringed the bell of the city which had the function of advising the whole city when something bad happens. When he ringed it he claimed that the sky was falling telling everyone that a piece of sky hit him on his head.

    He was humiliated by the whole town in front on his father and after that, he was bullied in the school and among his friends. One day, in a baseball game Chicken Little accidentally makes a play that made his team win the game.

    Everyone hailed him for making the move that made the team win, this little victory experience made Chicken Little feel big and important, in fact, was the first time he felt that way. That evening when he was preparing for the celebration party, another piece of sky felt in his room.

    Scared of saying the event, he kept it to himself. After some events, Chicken Little gets in and UFO´s and when he came out and a baby alien called Kirby comes with him.

    After that a lot of aliens came to the city disappearing every citizen on it, in fact, their plans were destroying the city. After all the events, it turns out that the only thing that the aliens wanted was to get Kirby back.

    They thought that Chicken Little kidnapped Kirby when it actually was helping him. Lastly, when they found out that Kirby was good, they set free every disappearing citizen and went back to their planet. This event made Chicken Little being considered as the hero of the city.

    The movie teaches that Chicken Little despite being bullied and small, he never gave up on his dreams and he worked so hard to protect and save his city, nobody believed in him but he demonstrated that he could do anything.

  • Aladdin

  • Aladdin is an animated movie for kids based on a poor guy living in the streets of Agrabah, an Arabian city in which he had to stole food daily with his monkey friend and had to run out of troubles every time.

    He is a clever and quick guy to always found a way out of any street troubles. He was very care-free until he saw a girl who happens to be Princess Jasmine, the daughter of the Sultan, who had already set everything to marry her daughter to the evil Jafar; the sultan’s sorcerer.

    Jasmine always wanted to live her own life without anyone controlling her and telling her who to marry. So she ran out of the palace into the Agrabah streets to get everything out of her mind and heart.

    Aladdin’s luck changes when he enters a hidden cave in which he finds a magic lamp in which a genie was living, and once he released him, he told Aladdin that he was ready to service him and that he had three wishes granted.

    Aladdin develops a very close relationship with the genie and decides to use his wishes to turn into a prince and manage Prince Jasmine’s love. But not everything is going so well for Aladdin since Jafar won't let Jasmine escape or be with anyone but him.

    Aladdin turns into a prince and tries to impress Jasmine but she is not into him because she thinks he is just a clown. But Aladdin finds the way to take Jasmine out on his magic carpet and they go around the world. Now Jasmine is having another kind of impression of King Ali (Aladdin)

    Back in the palace, Jafar is seeking this magic lamp that Aladdin has and wants to destroy Aladdin and disappear him so he will not step between him and his evil plan.

    Jafar manages to steal the lamp and gets his three wishes also, so he tricks his guards and orders them to look for Aladdin and catch him and throw him into the water. But Aladdin uses another wish and summons Genie, who saves him and takes him back to the palace, where Aladdin confronts Jafar, who now wanted to marry Jasmine to kill her and her father also.

    Aladdin beats Jafar and once the Sultan saw all this, wanted him to marry her daughter. Which he did and they got to live happily ever after.

  • Sleeping Beauty

  • With the beautiful Aurora as the main character; The Sleeping Beauty is a movie based on a girl, daughter of a king who made a huge celebration because of her daughter’s birth. In this celebration, three fairy godmothers gave this little child some blessings; beauty, singing and before the last fairy could give her gift to Aurora, the evil Maleficent appeared and gave her her own gift; an evil curse in which when Aurora turned 16 she would die.

    But the last fairy godmother found a way to modify this curse and used her last gift to apply the condition in which Aurora would just fell into a deep sleep from which she would wake up with the kiss of the real love.

    Aurora grew and for her safety, she was sent to the forests to live in a small hut with her fairy godmothers, who raised her properly and protected her until she was fifteen.

    The day Aurora turned 16, her fairy godmothers wanted to organize and throw her a surprise party, for which they sent her to the woods to collect some berries while they would prepare everything back home.

    Aurora went out while singing and wandering… until a gorgeous prince hiking with his horse listened to Aurora’s enchanting voice and followed it until finding a beautiful blonde girl singing and playing with her fluffy forest animals.

    He got closer to say hello and Aurora got scared to the point she wanted to go back home immediately because her fairy godmothers told her to never talk to strangers.

    This man turned out to be Prince Arturo, who met Aurora in her celebration sixteen years ago and now was blown by her amazing beauty and wanted to be with her.

    But Maleficent’s crown saw Aurora from the sky and flew back to her castle to tell her Aurora was alive and living in the forest.

    Maleficent is shown to Aurora when she was all alone and she pricked her hair with a spinning wheel and fell into an endless sleep.

    Prince Arturo had to fight against Maleficent’s subjects until finding Aurora and giving her the kiss that would wake her up from the curse.

    Once she woke up and saw her true love right in front of her, they decided to stay together, dance the vals and live happily ever after.

  • Fantasia

  • This is the most experimental project of the Disney Industry and it was based on managing the union between images and music, for which they created a new sound system called “Fantasound”.

    We must highlight that this movie was the first one to have stereo digital sound, when it was commonly see soundtracks composed to work along with images but in this case, comics were supposed to fit with amazing compositions.

    This way, producers would manage to create and amazing experience and call it an orchestra-movie.

    This movie has 8 episodes that composes the whole essence of magic; Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, by Johann Sebastian Bach, based on abstract patterns, animated lines, shapes and cloud formations.

    Nutcracker Suite by Pyotr Ilyuch Tchaikovsky, in which we can appreciate a delicate selection from the ballet suite scenes with changing seasons from summer to winter. With beautiful dances performed by fairies, fishes and some other nature elements.

    The Sorcerer’s Apprentice by Paul Dukas, in this episode, the main character results to be Mickey Mouse, who attempts to do some of the magic tricks his master used to make. Thing is, Mickey doesn’t know how to control them and everything apparently gets out of control for him.

    Rite of Spring by Igor Stravinsky. This time, this episode is based on the Earth’s creation… since it’s birth to the birth of all living beings.

    Intermission: with a brief jam session of jazz music, we can catch up and return to the main orchestra presence with a humorous demonstration.

    The Pastoral Symphony by Ludwig van Beethoven, an amazing episode based on a Greco-Roman world with mythical creatures performing at the time Beethoven’s music is playing.

    Dance of the Hours by Amilcare Ponchielli, another ballet performance with characters who dance representing the morning, the afternoon, evening and the night.

    Night on Bald Mountain by Modest Mussorgsky and Ave Maria by Franz Schubert. With evil spirits performing summoned by the devil Chernabog, these spirits dance and fly the sky until Angelus bell sound bring them back into the dawn.

    This movie is definitely another kind of experience brought to us by Disney and its great production, in which we can appreciate images from another point of view. Despite the fact that we are talking about really old animation effects; this movie is considered one of the biggest and majestic production of the Disney industry.

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