Frozen Kitchen Set

frozen kitchen set

This 3D computer-animated musical fantasy film was produced in 2013 by Walt Disney Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. It is inspired by the Hans Christian Andersen´s tale called “The Snow Queen”. It´s great reputation made Frozen one of the top animated movies ever made.

It cost $150 million to be made but it reached an unbelievable amount of $1.3 billion in profits. This situation put the movie in the first place as the animated movie with the largest amount of profit ever made. Many theater shows, attractions, and merchandise in the world are themed with Frozen.

Due to its great acceptance among fans and people, the producers have been working on a sequel that is estimated to be released by the end of 2019. A sequel that has the fans really excited and anxious.

The plot is about these two princesses Elsa and Anna where Elsa who is the older sister has cryokinetic magic which basically means ice magic. A power that she really had to keep under control because it could be dangerous for the people around her.

She only used her powers when playing with Anna. One day Elsa accidentally harms Anna with her magic, reason why their parents, the king and the queen decided to take them with the trolls in order to heal Anna and put away any memory of Elsa´s magic in her mind.

Once in the castle, the two sisters are isolated from each other and Elsa is the one who suffered the most because nobody wanted that Elsa exposed her powers to people.

Elsa finally decided to move far away from the kingdom of her parents to a castle made of ice by her where she could master her magic skills and be completely isolated from the world.

Anna decides to go after her sister and to start the adventure of searching her with the help of Kristoff the hunter and the kind snowman Olaf.

The movie shows the actual true love of sisters and that no matter what are the obstacles, if you truly love someone you will find the ways to be with them even if requires putting your life in danger. It also teaches the value of friendship and the importance of having good friends that are with you no matter the circumstances.

Most importantly it shows that the appearances are not always what they look like, Kristoff whom was a dumb hunter turned out to be a great friend. On the other hand, the prince Hans who was kind and humble at the beginning turned out to be a really bad person.

Frozen Kitchen Set

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