Kitchen appliances for healthy cooking

Healthy eating kitchen essentials

Having a well-toned and attractive body is a big dream to many. On the other hand, it is not a simple goal to achieve for most people since, the most delicious finger-licking foods are not usually the most nutritious foods available.

What most people do not understand, is that there are many ways to make your own tasty snacks and bites in more nutritious forms. All you require is the right ingredients as well as the best kitchen appliances for healthy cooking.

Losing weight is not only about exercise but also about your diet. As it is widely known, “you are what you eat”. thats' why its important to understand and invest in the appropriate kitchen gadgets that are essential for weight loss.

Kitchen gadgets that are essential for weight loss are gadgets that will not only help you in maintaining a healthier lifestyle but keeping fit too.

To purchase the correct utensils, it is important to determine what foods and dishes you are interested in eating during your weight loss journey.

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The kitchen gadgets that are important for weight loss can be classified as follows:

Best kitchen appliances for healthy cooking

The kitchen gadgets that are not only  important for weight loss but also aid in healthy eating can be classified as follows:

1. Measuring tools  for portion control

Measuring tools ensure that you put the precise amount of ingredients in your food.

Measuring tools are also important when it comes to serving the correct amount of food on your plate.

To be effective these tools need to have exact, clear markings. They must also be made of a durable quality material such as glass, stainless steel or plastic.

A life-size portioning system is a suitable gadget that comprises of eight tools.

It makes it possible to measure exact portions of dairy products, carbohydrate quantity, baked goods, snacks, meats, toppings, and sauces.

2. Farberware Color Measuring Cups, 

Quality Measuring cups that are efficient for measuring liquids that include water, milk, oil, and vinegar among the few is an an obvious major necessity .

It is important to ensure that various liquids are accurately quantified to ensure that the constituency needed is neither too thick nor too runny.

3. The Nesting Bowls Set with Mixing Bowls .

 They are good for measuring cereal, pasta, soup, cinch and also rice.

 Its multi- function is sufficient for various uses.

4. The measuring spoons are good for salt, nuts, sugar and even certain liquid ingredients.

There is nothing as frustrating as putting too much salt in a perfect dish.

It becomes increasingly bitter. Besides its inedible trait, over-salted food is not good for your health.

5. The prepara tabletop oil mister.

The prepara tabletop oil mister may not have the usual marking but it helps by moderating the amount of oil you can use on your food and salad.

It has a certain amount that you can spray on your pot and pan when cooking or put in your salad.

Over-greasy food is not pleasant to the tongue.

The best way to keep your weight and health in check is by being precise in everything that you put in your body.

6. The OXO Good Grips Food Scale is accurate in portioning.

It is a digital scale that makes it easy to weigh different ingredients. It is made of easy to clean materials such as the stainless steel platform that is easy to clean.

This device can also give you the option of offsetting the weight of the container or even reset to zero to avoid making too many dishes dirty.

Minimal dishes are dirtied since you can reset the scale to zero after putting in one ingredient as you prepare to put in the next.

7. The Livliga Halsa 4- piece Portion Control Dinner set.

This is an exquisite piece that allows you to measure a precise amount of food on your plate.

It has set standard size whereby the dinner plate is 27cm in diameter, the salad plate is 21cm in diameter, and the cereal bowl can hold up to 473ml, while the mug holds 296ml.

The pieces of this set are made from a safe material comprising of porcelain. They are safe for microwave use and have an elegant finish.

There are certain mixing spoons and mixing bowls that carry out the work well without spillage and the use of too much effort.

These items come in different sizes making it simple to mix different portions of ingredients. For instance, the portion for making a weight loss salad for two people is more than a salad for just one individual.

2. Cooking utensils that aid in weight loss

When it comes to cooking food, it must be done perfectly and to the correct right degree in order to make it safe for consumption.

It is important to cook food so as to kill micro-organisms and also enhance the flavor.

Additionally, there are certain foods that are tough and cannot be easily digested when they are not cooked.

In other words, food becomes safer to eat once it has been cooked. It is also important to cook food to make it taste better. For instance, when trying to lose weight, you need to eat a lot of vegetables. However, they can be very bitter and tough if they are not cooked.

Cooking also enhance the appearance of food making it look more appealing.The texture of the food also changes such as meat and vegetable becoming tender after being cooked.

Cooking food also helps in increasing its shelf-life.

With all this said and done, the techniques and the degree of cooking must be taken into high consideration, since some cooking techniques tend to add more calories on the food or kill all the needed nutrients.

Here are some of the kitchen appliances for healthy cooking

1. The presto poplite air corn popper is the best for making popcorn.

It uses hot air to pop the kernels instead of using fatty oil that alters the calorie content or using the microwave that counters the health benefits by introducing sodium and other harmful fats.

With this device, all you need to do is add the popcorn kernels and turn it on for a few minutes.

This is a great snack for anyone who is considering taking off some weight since it has low carb and the omission of oil.

2.  BEABA BabyCook

The BEABA BabyCook is an adorable device that can turn fruits and vegetables into delicious healthy homemade baby food.

It makes everything much easier since all you need to do is put in your desired product, let it steam for about 15 minutes and finally puree it to the needed constituency.

It is easy to use and it has multi functions.

This is ideal for keeping your baby in the right shape health-wise. This baby cook device makes it much easier to prepare healthy meals for a child since the food is steamed and not fried.

Who said a baby doesn’t need to keep healthy. The earlier the baby begins to maintain a healthy diet, the better it will be to keep them healthy as they grow up.

3. Crock-pot programmable slow cooker

 The crock-pot programmable slow cooker is a great cooking device that is important when it comes to losing weight as it ensures to bring out all the flavors in food by cooking it slowly and gently without excessively changing the nutritional value of the food.

This item is priceless because of its patience to create a scrumptious meal. Additionally, it can cook beans and other legumes as well as veggies, lean meats among others.

It makes the preparation of healthier weight loss foods easier since you only have to set the timer in the morning as you head out to work and it will have finished preparing the meal by the time you get back in the evening.

4.Trudeau Silicone Vegetable

 Another essential device to use during weight loss is the Trudeau Silicone Vegetable steamer that allows you to prepare your veggies without using any butter or oil.

It is a flexible basket that can take up different pot sizes being used to steam. It is made of silicone and will not scratch the bottom of the pan or pot.

Additionally, it does not become hot like a metallic pan.

The handles also make it easier to take out once the food is ready.

This steamer is valuable because vegetables are most nutritious when steamed instead of fried or boiled.

When steamed, vegetables retain their nutritional value and hence have more minerals and vitamins.

5.  Oven 

An oven is a must have device since baking is healthier than frying especially when it comes to meat and other foods such as potatoes.

Baking requires less oil and does not break down the nutrients rendering them inefficient as frying would.

When losing weight, it is wiser to opt for baked foods as opposed to the fried ones. This is to reduce the amount of fat content that you take into your body.

6. Air fryer

 The Air fryer is a God-sent gadget that saves many who adore fried food or in general junk food.

This is due to the fact that it uses less oil to prepare the food as compared to using the deep fryer that is more common.

There are also some air fryers that do not require any oil as it heats up to 390 degrees Celsius.

For more on air fryers read My French Fries, The Healthier Way, With The Best Air Fryer

3. Blenders and juicers in the weight loss journey

There are certain recipes that require the ingredients to be well mixed before they can be cooked or even consumed.

For this reason, various machines were invented to reduce lumping. Shakes and smoothies also need to be well mixed to make them tastier and consistent.

Mixing the milk or yoghurt well with the fruits is crucial.

1. The OXO Salad Dressing Shaker

The OXO Salad Dressing Shaker is a great mixer, storage tool, and serving tool for salad dressings, marinades and sauces.

It is made of BPA- free plastic that is break- resistant and is safe for use in the dishwasher. This device has a wide opening making it easier to add more chopped ingredients such as herbs, peppers, and onions.

This device has a wide opening making it easier to add more chopped ingredients such as herbs, peppers, and onions.

It is easy to serve it since it has a lever that flips backward to make it easy to pour and then flips forward to seal it closed. It is easy to shake and mix the ingredients with minimal spillage.

2.Fizz by SodaStream

 Sweet carbonated drinks are enemies to the weight loss journey. These drinks add incredible amounts of calories to your diet making it impossible to lose weight.

On the other hand, you could carbonate your own drinks with flavor essences that are unsweetened and with zero-calories.

Some of the flavor essences used include lemon, lime, orange, raspberry and even mint.

The Fizz by SodaStream is the best gadget for this procedure as it reduces the calories up to 66 per cent due to the reduction of 18grams of sugar.

There is no better way to lose weight than the addition of fresh juices to your diet.

3. The Meykey Juicer Machine,Juice Extractor

The Meykey Juicer Machine,Juice Extractor is incredible when it comes to making juice from different fruits and even vegetables.

4. Kitchen storage ideas that aid in the weight loss journey

Fresh food always tastes better. Food produce needs to be stored in an area that ensures that they are not contaminated and the quality of the food is not compromised.

Some of the contaminants may include dust, odors, pests and even micro-organisms. All these could be harmful to the body and compromise the health of the body.

The best storage material is glass since it does not react to a majority of the foodstuff.

Additionally, it is easier to cover it and make it air tight. Plastic is also convenient as it is not fragile and can hold anything. It is also cheaper and readily available.

1. The Prepara Herb Savor is a BPA-free storage container

The Prepara Herb Savor is a BPA-free storage container that is helpful in extending the shelf-life of herbs up to three weeks.

Herbs are excellent in adding flavor to your food without adding more calories to your dish. This tool can easily fit on a refrigerator door or on the top rack of your dish water.

Herbs and spices are really helpful when it comes to weight loss because some of them clean out the body while adding nutrients. Additionally, these herbs add flavor to the food.

For instance, turmeric not only adds color and flavor to the body but is also a perfect anti-oxidant as well as an anti-inflammatory ingredient.

2. Fruit infusion pitcher

When trying to lose weight, drinking lots of water is very important as it helps in washing out your system as well as keeping you well hydrated hence speeding up weight loss.

The fruit infusion pitcher has a perforated cylinder that is removable.

You can fill the cylinder with a fruit of your choice and put it in the pitcher to allow the flavors to sip into the water giving you some flavorful water to sip on throughout the day.

3. The fruit infused water bottle

The fruit infused water bottle that holds 700ml makes water taste so much better. It is highly similar to the infusion pitcher as it has the same characteristics.

Always keep it by your side and keep well hydrated all day. This water bottle is elegant and comes in different colors. It enables you to keep healthy and lose weight in style.

4. The Asobu Pump N Chill

The Asobu Pump N Chill is an air tight double gel walled vacuum tumbler that is insulated for storing smoothies, juices as well as shakes. The plastic used to make the tumbler is BPA free.

This tumbler is insulated to ensure that your drink remains cold throughout the day. All you need to do is to keep the tumbler in the freezer for an hour or more and the gel honeycomb will absorb the temperature.

When losing weight, there are different smoothies and juices that you are required to keep taking in and this tumbler will ensure no matter what time of the day it is, your drink is at the right temperature.

5. Aladdin Insulated To-Go Food Container

Sandwiches are a good serving when trying to cut down weight. The vegetables are crucial for the body and the bread is filling. However, whole grain sandwiches in a zip-lock bag are just miserable.

For this reason, the Aladdin Insulated To-Go Food Container is the best as it latches down to prevent spillage and has an internal wall that keeps the entrée and side dish in separate compartments.

The container can be used in the fridge and microwave without any difficulties. Keep your healthy snacks with you everywhere you go.

5. Cutters and Grinders

Cutting food into smaller pieces makes it much easier for it to be consumed.

To cut foods into finer pieces and parts, you could use grinders or even different cutters.

When you cut food into smaller portions, it cooks evenly and to the right degree. The process of cooking and even chewing the food is easier.

Cutting food such as vegetables also make it more palatable and appealing to present.

Additionally, the flavor mixes in well and in case there are any herbs and spices added to the food, it is easier for them to be absorbed.

When it comes to herbs, cutting the leaves or grinding the seeds and the like to powder form make them better to use since just a pinch of the herb or spice is added.

Herbs are a great additive to dishes as they introduce a new flavor, enhance the original flavor and even put in more nutritional values to the dish.

When losing weight certain herbs and spices play major roles.

These include turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, cumin, and garlic among others.

Most of these require grinding to make them easier to use.

1. The Microplane Herb Mill

The Microplane Herb Mill makes it easier to chop herbs into smaller pieces without ripping or bruising them.

It is easier than using a knife since the leave of some of the herbs are quite dainty.

Additionally, these small leaves need really sharp knives to cut them. This herb mill is good for parsley, dill, sage, mint, oregano, and cilantro.

2. A cheese grater

A cheese grater is a must have for all cheese lovers.

Cheese adds nutritional value and flavor to various weight loss recipes. The extra-fine grater is good for 20 calories that could be added to steamed vegetables.

The medium ribbons of chocolate are used to give life to a bowl of cherries while offering 25 calories for every tablespoon.

3.The veggie spiralizer

 The veggie spiralizer is a great utensil that could help you in reducing your cravings.

This gadget is good for making vegetables look like pasta instead of looking for actual pasta that may increase your carb intake and only help you in gaining weight.

5. The nutribullet

The nutribullet is a delicious way of introducing crucial vitamins to your diet.

It does not remove the pulp from the juice but instead juices them all together including the skin if you prefer it as well without leaving any pulp in the juice.

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Kitchen gadgets that are essential for weight loss must be made with the correct materials that are friendly for use with food.

They must not react with the food as this could lead to health complications.

There are assured materials that are safe to be used in making these utensils. .

Always pick out utensils keenly as they play a major role in your overall health.

These include:

  • Copper is an excellent conductor of heat. It is not only durable but also attractive. However, copper pans are not the best utensils for making acidic foods as they tarnish. Utensils that are made of copper are often trays since they have minimal interaction with acidic foods. Gadgets made with this material are often for decorative purposes.
  • Iron is highly prone to rust and is more suitable if cooking with oil and minimal water. However, cast iron is better to use in cooking. On the other hand, iron utensils are not fragile and have fewer issues with cooking temperatures. Iron utensils are used on kitchen devices that need strong heat and need strength to carry out their duties. These include food processors as well as toasters and grinders.
  • Aluminum is the best material to use on pots and pans. It is an incredible thermal conductor, nonreactive with almost all foodstuffs and has negligible toxicity. It may have some corrosion that is white but it does not discolor food. Most cooking pots and pans are made of aluminum of different densities in order to meet the desired degree. Devices made of this material that aid in weight loss are often used in cooking.
  • Stainless steel is the best material to use on all kitchen devices. It does not react with water or other food stuff, it also does not rust and is a good conductor of heat. When it comes to the cutting tools, the wedge is easy to maintain and does not rust unlike other types of steel. Almost all kitchen gadgets are made with this material from cooking utensils, to cutting utensils and even measuring items. Knives are also made of stainless steel since it does not react with food items and it is easier to maintain and keep sharp.
  • Plastic is readily available. However, it is not a good conductor of heat and cannot be used for cooking or baking. Plastic is ideal for storage and measuring containers. It can also be used as the handles of other items as it gives a good grip and more comfort when holding or carrying it. Any device that uses heat is not made of plastic as it will melt and infuse an impelling smell. Additionally, plastic does not become sharp enough to cut produce. There is plastic that is safe for food use. It is the BPA-free plastic. BPA is a harmful bisphenol that is dangerous when used to deal with food. It is advisable to always check for the chemicals in the plastic before using it on food.
  • When it comes to glass, it is really attractive and the best for storage and serving different dishes. It can also be used for baking. However, the one for baking is heavier and more heat resistant. Glass utensils used for measuring are very effective as well.
  • Other materials used in making kitchen gadgets include earthenware and enamelware. These are incredibly brittle when it comes to the introduction of heat in high abrupt circumstances. They are also prone to cracking and chipping just as glass is. Another material is clay. It is non-toxic and can make really juicy, aromatic dishes due to its porosity. Dishes made with clay are easy to clean and as long they are stored in a dry area, they are in good condition.

There are also certain foods to incorporate in your diet (especially when snacking) and help in burning fat while giving you the correct calories.

They include:

  • Fermented foods such as yoghurt have friendly bacteria known as probiotics that help in the boosting immunity, banishing bloat as well as regulating the function of the gut. With the help of a good blender, it is easier to make a good fruit smoothie that is healthy and could help in cutting down weight. Smoothies are better than taking carbonated drinks.
  • Oats which has pre biotics which feeds the probiotics in the body and therefore, helping in keeping health at its peak.
  • Nuts are incredibly healthy with the right amount of proteins and monounsaturated fats too. A strong food processor is great at making some smooth nut butter that you could spread on your bread for breakfast.
  • Berries are also well-packed with fiber and antioxidants that make them a good option when trying to cut down on your weight. Cutting them into small pieces or making some juice from them is nutritious for your health and keeps your body well-toned.
  • Olive oil is healthy and gives the feeling of being satisfied. With a good iron cast skillet, you can fry different foods including some salmon.
  • Whole eggs are brilliant for high-protein breakfast accompanied with whole-grain toast and vegetables. They can be added to salads, sautés and even stir- fry. A food processor or herb mill makes it easier to cut veggies and herbs that make a nice salad. An egg slicer is also ideal as you can slice the egg and add it to a salad recipe of your choice.
  • Fish dishes are also a healthy treat. They include tuna, salmon, and sardines that are rich in omega-3 and lean protein that assist in cutting down on cravings. These fish are good for models and body builders since they keep the protein in the body on a high while maintaining low fat. To sauté or fry a fish, it is good to have a skillet that makes it easier to handle without it crumbling. A glass casserole dish can also be used to bake a fish dish.
  • Leafy greens reduce bloating and also help in toning down the body. They are rich in minerals such as potassium. The best method used for preparing these greens is to steam them. A steam case is a container with small holes that make it easier to steam vegetables without overcooking them. This utensil helps in retaining the nutrients in the vegetables.
  • Bananas and avocados are the best fruits that give you a more filling perspective. Bananas are potassium based that offset bloating caused from salty foods. Avocados, on the other hand, contain monounsaturated fats. Besides their nutritional benefits, a banana and avocado milkshake is a delicacy. With the help of a blender and addition of low- fat milk, you have a delicious health-shake.
  • There is asparagus, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, and mushrooms that make a good salad and are good additions to your soup.

Do not forget the variety of herbs and spices available to help add flavor to your food without the addition of artificial chemicals.

Also, if you do not like to cook, there are a few hacks that could assist you in reaching your goal.

They are much better than doing take-out or junk food. Also, a microwave may not be the best machine to have since the food you may be taking in is already pre-cooked and the additives may not be very healthy.

However, here are a few ways to go about that issue:

Always make sure that there are fruits on your counter-top. These do not need to be cooked. Additionally, they have the essential nutrients and they can be consumed anywhere and at any time. It is easy to pack and carry around with you as well. With an attractive glass bowl to place on your table, it is a snack to pick as you pass by.

Be precise on the carbs that you take in. Ridding your diet of all carbs is not efficient as the body still needs carbohydrates to get the energy to function. There are ingredients such as brown flour and rice. There is also brown bread you could use on your vegetable sandwiches. The life size portioning system is great for measuring the number of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats that you are consuming.

Ensure that you snack in a more appropriate way. In case you are hungry, find a snack that is filling instead of the first thing that you find. There are some high-protein snack bars that can get you well filled in a few minutes. There are some that have the fruit option. An oven is a good device to use to bake some delicious snacks that are made of fruits. At times, a microwave could do a good job too.

Ensure that with your main dish, you have a healthy side dish to go with it. Some of the side dishes include salad, soup or even some cottage cheese.

Learn on portioning of a healthy diet. Knowledge is power. With this important details, you can tell if you are eating too much than your body requires. You can also tell which nutrient you need more than the other.

Losing weight is no longer all about the exercising and lots of diets whereby you avoid eating.

It is about taking in the right food.

This food must be grown in the best conditions, prepared in the most appropriate form, cooked in the right conditions to a precise degree and finally enjoyed.

In other words, the kitchen is a crucial area when trying to cut down on a few pounds.

Besides being active, eating healthy foods is essential for all individual regardless of age or sex.

Invest in the kitchen gadgets that are essential for weight loss and watch your health and feel the difference.

Always keep in mind that “you are what you eat!”

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