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The Little Mermaid is an animated musical kid’s movie produced and animated in 1998 by Walt Disney. With little Ariel, as the main character, and his sea friends who always catch up with her and her dangerous yet fun adventures.

Until King Triton, Ariel’s father, finds out she’s disobeying his orders of not leaving the palace because of the major dangers out there, including Ursula who is the queen of evil who has always wanted to destroy King Triton  and rule over his kingdom.

Ariel is such a clever and curious little mermaid who always loved to go out and collect strange things that she finds in each adventure, in fact, she keeps them all in a big cave where she spends her time playing with them as usual.

Until one day, she sees a storm on the surface and some lights she has never seen before. So, she decides to go up and find out what’s all that about and discovers a big ship that’s having troubles while being on fire and about to crash. Sebastian the crab, her friend, and designed protector tells her to go back home but she decides to stay and keep looking.

Suddenly, she sees a man who is struggling on the ship until he falls and drowns. Ariel swims as quick as she can to save him, she outs in on the ocean shores and performs first aid .When Prince Erick wakes up all dizzy and confused, he is welcomed with the pretty smile of a beautiful mermaid .He was so excited and could not believe what he was seeing.

They get along and start to know each other and before each one of them could even notice, they have fallen in love with each other. But there's something that Ariel notices and is that she cannot get out of the water and that Prince Erick is different than her because he has something that she doesn't; a pair of legs.

But she certainly has something that no one else does; a spectacular voice which she uses to sing and make every living being happy.

To this point, the evil Ursula has already seen everything in her crystal ball and she decides to take advantage of little Ariel's desperation and proposes to her a deal. She offers her to exchange her voice for a pair of legs, for which Ariel isn't so sure about it but she's madly in love with Eric, so she accepts.

But Ursula is one step beyond her, and what Ariel never knew was that she would lose her voice completely! And that Ursula would use her voice to turn into a woman to enchant Eric and marry him so he would forget about Ariel and marry Ursula.

As Prince Eric was hypnotized and Ariel couldn't talk, the little mermaid's friends helped to interrupt the wedding until Ariel could arrive and break the spell.

Once she arrived, the spell was broken and Ariel was able to speak once again. Erick got out of his trance and got to his senses. By the moment the sun was going down, Ariel’s legs melted away and she felt sad and embarrassed. Her father felt her pain and asked if she wished to change to a human being. She felt excited because now she would comfortably fall in love with Eric. Triton used his power and changed Ariel.

Little mermaid kitchen decor

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