Moana kitchen set


Moana which means in the Maori language ocean, great extension of water, or deep sea, is an animated movie of Walt Disney Animation Studios released at the end of 2016 in the United States. Created by the same producers of Aladdin, Hercules, the little mermaid, etc. It is the Disney classic number 56 after Zootopia.

It cost $150 million to make the movie which generated a profit of over $642 million. It also received two nominations for the Academic Awards, the first one for the best-animated feature and best original song.

The story starts 3,000 years ago with the goddess called “Te Fiti” creator of all the islands of the Pacific Ocean, the vegetation, humanity, and every form of life. It is there when the demigod Maui wanted the heart of the goddess in order to become more powerful and indestructible.

However, he wasn’t the only one that wanted the heart, many monsters, and bad creatures want it too in order to destroy all the islands one by one.

One thousand years later, in an island of the Pacific Ocean, there was a tribe with a 16-year-old girl called Moana and daughter of the boss of the tribe who was concerned about the legends that her grandmother told her about the extinguishing of the islands in the area.

It is there when all the journey of Moana and Maui starts to find a sacred island in order to return the heart of Te Fiti. This way the prophecy would not come true and the life will come again to the Pacific Ocean and its islands.

At the beginning, Moana and Maui don’t get along due to personality differences.

The movie shows the value of team working to solve problems, no matter the differences between members. It also shows that sometimes you have to put aside your greed or personal preferences for a common benefit.

Maui was very selfish and, at the beginning, he wanted the heart for his own purposes of becoming the most strong and powerful demigod. On the other hand, Moana just wanted to give it back to save her island and family.

The increasing popularity of Moana and moana kitchen set has reached every corner of the world where in 2018 there will be a show of the movie in Disneyland Hong Kong. An airline in Hawaii also themed three of their airbus with the Moana movie.

In general, the movie has received good criticisms among fans, making it one of the best-animated movies so far.

Moana kitchen set

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