The Traditional Sunday Roast: Roast Recipes

It’s such a huge part of many families that it’s worth taking the time to plan your roast and choose a recipe that you will all like. If a traditional Sunday roast isn’t already a part of your family life, then perhaps you could consider trying one.

The Traditional Sunday Roast: Roast Recipes 1 Kitchen Affairs

It’s a great time to gather your family together, eat some great food and have a good ol’ chat together. A traditional roast isn’t difficult, but if you’ve never cooked one before, you might want to practice first before you go and invite the in-laws and uncles round too!

Good, healthy, wholesome food:

It seems like these are values that a lot families forget nowadays, opting instead for microwaveable ready-meals, takeout and chicken nuggets. The traditional roast is surprisingly healthy, as it’s cooked in the oven rather than fried.

Roasted vegetables also taste so much better than steamed or boiled, so it’s a great way to teach your children than vegetables can be actually be tasty when prepared right. Best of all, cooking a roast really isn’t that difficult when you have a good recipe to start with.

For the most part you’ll need about an hour to cut and season everything, then you can just pop it in the oven and leave it for a couple of hours. Might I suggest a board game or two while you’re waiting?

So go ahead – look around our archive of great roast recipes, and treat your family to a traditional roast this Sunday. We even have vegetable only recipes if you’re not a fan of meat – though if you are, we have every kind of meat roast, from duck to venison and veal to goat! Enjoy.