What are Chorizo Recipes?

Chorizo recipe  its a recipe that uses chorizo as its main ingredient. Chorizo is a term that describes sausage-like meat and is usually made up of different types of pork. The pork meat is made just like a sausage in the way it is processed and wrapped. It is generally comparable to a hot dog.

chorizo recipes are very popular worldwide?

But that comparison would do no justice to chorizo recipes. The first chorizo recipes came from the Iberian Peninsula. This Peninsula encompasses several European countries including Portugal, Spain, Andorra and parts of France. Now you know why Spanish chorizo recipes are so popular.

Chorizo can either be fresh meat or smoked meat. In most European countries, chorizo is smoked but the authentic chorizo recipes are fresh meat. This means that smoked chorizo recipes can be eaten without being cooked and is usually used instead of pork or ham (on sandwiches).

Whereas authentic chorizo recipes that contain fresh meat can be cooked, barbecued, fried, or even simmered. There are many ways to use chorizo in chorizo recipes, the amount is endless.

Did you know, chorizo recipes are very popular worldwide?

Recently, chorizo recipes have not only re-surged in Europe, but it is gaining popularity in North America. Although, here in North America, it is expensive to import authentic chorizo recipes from Europe.

This is why Mexican chorizo recipes have become popular here in North America. Mexican chorizo recipes are made with chili peppers. Of course, the European chorizo recipes use dried smoked red peppers in their recipes to give their chorizo a much more darker red color.

Chili peppers in Mexican chorizo are much less expensive but produce a lighter color than that of Spanish chorizo. Although, chorizo in Latin America (i.e. Mexico) are very different than Spanish chorizo. This is because in Mexico, they use vinegar instead of wine, so the distinct taste is not subtle at all.

In Latin America, chorizo the meat is wrapped with artificial casings and the color is also produced artificially. When compared to European, they are wrapped with intestines. To many casual eaters of chorizo, they tend not to notice or care what kind they are eating. But if you are true fan of chorizo, you would definitely go with the European chorizo recipes.